Monday, March 16, 2009

Cheap Eats @ $10

Husband and I got hungry and we wanted to eat something cheap yet decent! We both know of a place nearby where one part of the store sells Asian groceries and another part sells ready to eat food; noodles, rice, roasted meat etc!

Both of us have not patronize the ready to eat food section and wasn’t sure how the system worked. We soon found out that they sell the food by the dollar! We bought $2 worth of spring rolls, $3 worth of bean curd meat roll and $5 worth of fried bean thread noodles! For $10, we came home with more than enough food for the two of us and extra food for hubby’s lunch tomorrow! If you’re not a big eater, $10 meal can probably feed 4 people! =) I wonder if they can sell you anything at a dollar? =)PailinWe thought the noodles were very nicely cooked! $5 gave us a generous helping that would easily cost $10-$12 (excluding tax and tips) if eaten at a restaurant! And there were tons of vegetable and meat in the noodle! As for the bean curd meat roll, $3 worth bought us 6 of them fried stuff which reminded me of Penang “Loh Bak” except it’s not as fragrant!. Nonetheless the fried bean curd meat roll is still yummy in its own way! And the spring rolls were 5 for $2! I will take a pass on the spring rolls the next time though as I thought those were a little bland. For $10, this economical take out Chinese food is not too shabby! =) 

During this horrid economy time, maximize your 10 bucks and buy take out Asian food at : Pailin Asian Supermarket, 6 Branch St, 01851, Lowell, MA.

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