Thursday, February 26, 2009

Midweek Surprise

Anna, my Chicago BFF (and former housemate) sent me a little semi-surprise package filled with GOODIES!! Malaysian Kuih (Cake) making supplies to be exact! Thanks, Anna!!! I had requested for her to help get me some Kuih making stuff when she went back home recently..Here are what she got me…different molds for various Malaysian cakes and cookies! Yay!! I’m so thrilled and I can’t wait to try them out…SOON! I will post pictures of the cakes and cookies I make with these molds! AnnaShe also got me some F.O.O.D. stuff!! Hehe! I always welcome food with open arms! On the right, it’s a bottle of Crispy Prawn Chilli from Malaysia…which looks absolutely delish! Can’t wait to try it!! On the left, it’s a box of I-dun-really-know-what-is-it yet that Anna bought in Japan. It does say Kokutou Green Tea (by Nestle, Home Cafe collection)…but everything else is printed in Japanese…From the box,..the cuppa tea looked frothy (and milky?) and I have no idea what Kokutou is….so, this will be a surprise! Will try this this weekend or something!.. Anna, arigato again for getting me all these stuff and sending them to me so quickly!! =)..Anna-1And, I leave sharing with you last night’s dinner =P.. Sautéed Celery, Braised Pork Legs with Potatoes and Bean Curd with Fish Ball Soup…….served with white rice! Tonite, I’ll be making some Cream of Celery and Sautéed some Tiger Prawns/Salmon. We’ll see what I actually whip up!Dinner-10


healthyyums said...

waaaaaaaaaaah besnyer!!!!!!

i really want the roti jala thingggg...ah well...nemain. prob get to get it soon enough :o)

Charlene n Kevin said...

actually me too!! i also want the roti jala thing. i would have to poke holes in a can whenever i make roti jala. :(

Simply June said...

Ayu: U'll be home soon enuff to get one.. or eat read made ones!

Charlene: I jsut gave one to my friend..=P..You should get ur family to send you one! I wonder if u can get it in NYC? ..Poking holes in a can sounds works?

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