Sunday, March 7, 2010

Nourish @ Lexington, MA

The husband met up with his colleagues from work one weekend. They picked Nourish @ Lexington for lunch. The name of the restaurant itself sounded very healthy and we weren’t too sure what’s being served as we did not have time to research the place.

There was plenty of natural light in the cute tastefully decorated restaurant. We met up with husband’s colleagues who were already there waiting. We got our menus and started browsing through. First thing that we realized was everything sounded healthy. Husband and I are probably not the world’s healthiest eaters. =)

Nourish2 Nourish4

A little information on the restaurant before I move on to introduce you what we ate there. Nourish apparently just opened its doors last July and its a family operated and owned business. The offer a range of eclectic vegan and non-vegan friendly menu. Once thing that really caught my attention was they are kind of a sustainable restaurant getting as much of their produce from local farms and businesses. Therefore, their prices may be a little higher than usual although they do try to price them reasonably.

So, here’s what the husband and I ordered. I did not want to be rude and harass everyone else at the table to take pictures of what they ordered. Can’t give my hubby’s colleagues a bad first impression…right? =P

1) Alaskan Cod Cakes @ $12.95 - Pan-fried cod/potato cakes served with seaweed salad, dill mayo sauce and greens (Left Below). The dish came quite nicely presented but the salad surely overwhelmed the “star”; the cod cakes. Since my dish was supposed to be an entree, I thought the salad and the greens were a little too much. There were only 3 pieces of cod cakes and a whole bed of salad and greens. The seaweed salad while it was good wasn’t what I had expected. I had expected to see the green kind of seaweed salad like those found in Japanese restaurants. My “seaweed salad” was grated carrots and I guess shredded pieces of seaweed. The greens, on the other hand wasn’t very appealing. The cod cakes were good. I tasted pieces of fish and hardly noticed the potatoes. The dill mayo sauce paired very well with the cod cakes. Perhaps it’s mainly due to the reason that I’m a HUGE mayo fan! =) With the amount of greens and salad, I think this should be called a salad.

2) Blackened Salmon @ $13.95 - Wild Alaskan salmon, creole sauce, coconut jasmine rice, steamed broccoli (Right Below). Husband ordered this dish and when it came, a few of us actually thought it was a piece of chicken breast. The fish was smoldered in the creole sauce that it was hardly recognizable. The first impression that we had on the dish that it looked like something from the cafeteria. Husband commented that he felt like they did not put much effort in plating the dish together. I unfortunately have to agree with him. Flavor wise, I really like the coconut jasmine rice. The fish was pretty decent too….just perhaps a little too tiny?

 Nourish Nourish1

Atmosphere and company was wonderful. The service was just ok. It surely took a long time for the wait staff to check on us and for us to pay our lunch. She might be a little overwhelmed with the party of 9 plus the her other customers I guess.


If you’re in beautiful downtown Lexington area and want a healthy lunch, do try out Nourish. Check out their menu HERE.

1727 Massachusetts Ave
Lexington, MA 02420
(781) 674-2400


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