Friday, March 19, 2010

Lemon Grass @ Lexington, MA

LemonGrassWe met hubby’s friend from work for lunch last week and decided to do Thai food. We picked Lemon Grass Thai Cuisine @ Lexington downtown. Hubby said the place is pretty decent. When we arrived, the place was pretty busy and got a little busier after that. The interior is quite typical of a Thai restaurant with many decorative Thai wall hangings and (religious?) statues.

Here’re what we ordered:

1) Thai Iced Coffee @ $2.50 (Bottom Left). Delicious ice cold coffee, a must at Thai restaurants. This is not your Starbucks or Dunkin Donut Coffee. It’s different and it’s better. =) Well, I think it’s better and it tasted just like Malaysian Coffee I get at home too!

2) Tom Yum Goong @ $3.95 – The famous Thai Hot and Sour Shrimp Soup, spiced with lemon grass, chili, lime juice and mushroom (Bottom Right). This is Thailand’s famous soup and the description describes the soup. There are 3 succulent shrimp in the soup with slices of raw mushrooms. The soup was good, spicy and sour just the way I like it. At certain restaurants, I ended up asking for extra lime/lemon so that I can increase the sourness. I do however wished they threw in more cilantro, rather than spring onions.


3) Pan Fried Dumpling @ $6.95 – Stuffed with minced chicken and vegetables, served with light soy sauce (Bottom Left). Steve ordered this and we tasted it. 5 pieces of perfectly fried dumpling for almost $7 is a bit on the pricey side. There weren’t as much meat in the filling, more vegetables but they were good. It was nice and refreshing to have more vegetables in the dumplings than meat.

4) Tamarind Duck @ $9.95 – Fried boneless roasted duck with snow peas, babycorns, and bamboo shoots in our house special spicy sauce. I bet it was good coz Steve remained quiet when he ate this lunch. =) I did not try his dish, but there surely are lots and lots of bamboo shoots in this dish.


5) Mango Curry @ $9.95 – Combination of shrimp and chicken with mangoes with mild yellow curry, assorted vegetables (Bottom Left). I ordered this dish so that hubby can try it as he couldn’t decide what we really wanted. There were a decent amount of chicken and shrimp covered underneath the mount of colorful vegetables. The curry is good. Not overly spicy and the mangoes cooked in the curry were very very tasty. Mangoes are thinly sliced here compared to some other places where they cube the mangoes.

6) Duck Choo Chee @ $9.95 – Fried boneless roasted duck in Thai’s popular Choo Chee curry and vegetables (Bottom Right). Hubby ordered this dish which is one of his usual at a Thai restaurant. Again, more vegetables piled on top of the fried piece of chicken. I am clueless as to why they described the meat as fried roasted duck…twice cooked? Anyway, the duck was quite generous and fried nicely. Hubby enjoyed his dish. I thought the curry wasn’t that good. I like my Mango curry better. Perhaps coz mine was a little on the sweeter side?


Overall, I will be back for lunch and or dinner. I like that the rice came with the curry without extra charges. Prices were overall very reasonable for lunch. Hopefully it’s the same for dinner. The staff was pretty friendly and quite attentive. Plates were cleared timely and glasses were topped off frequently.

If you’re in town or feel like doing Thai, head over to Lemon Grass for some yummy Thai food. Check out there menu HERE. There are decent amount of parking in the area too.


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Cin Twin2 said...

I've eaten there once and it was pretty crowded too. I will definitely try the iced coffee next time I go! The location is great in downtown Lexington....

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