Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Day The Husband Was The Wing Expert!

That was the day he made some awesomely delicious chicken wings! 2 flavors; Hooters Style Chicken Wings and Korean Sweet & Crispy Chicken Wings! It was SO GOOD! I officially made him the Chicken Wing expert! I googled the recipes, and my husband did the rest; from prepping, cleaning to cooking us some restaurant quality chicken wings!! Here’re some picture of the yummy goodness he made for dinner!

1) Hooters Style Buffalo Wings which tasted very much alike like the ones you get from the restaurant! He made it medium, so it was slightly spicy, tangy and buttery good! =) Batter on the chicken was just right, not too thick!

 Hooters Wings

2) Dak Gang Jung (Korean Sweet & Crispy Chicken Wings). Another finger licking good plate of wings. This one is slightly gingery, sticky, sweet and just so additive!! =)


I will share recipes for these 2 delectable wings in another post! =) This would be great for parties or for whenever you have a wing craving I guess. =).


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