Saturday, March 13, 2010

And He Turns 1! Or Is It 2? Or 3?

He turns ONE in our household! It’s been exactly one year since we rescued Brady from the local animal shelter. Although he was supposed to be one year old when we got him, out vet suspects he’s at least two………. Whatever his age is…he’s ours!


And he’s got a big attitude in that tiny body of his!! =)  We just adore him and still find him very amusing till this day! Each day, we still learn something new about our little four legged guy who stole our hearts away!


These two pictures are some of the most recent shots we have of Brady. I should try to take more this weekend! Read about Brady here:


Lilia said...

Happy Birthday Brady Boy!

Mrs. Green said...

Happy Birthday, Brady! What a big boy you're getting to be! :o)

I owe ya a long, long email, June! :o)

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