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2010 CNY Goodies

CNY Goodies

I’ve been busy making a mess in my kitchen baking cookies and cakes about 2 weeks prior to Chinese New Year. The oven has been busy almost every night as I churn out tons of cookies and cakes for family and friends. My kitchen looked like a tornado has torn through it. I’m lucky my hubby did not complain and just let me do what I like!! After days of baking, I ended up with containers of different cookies. Some I made more, some I made less. Some, I even had to hide them from the husband. He will happily finish the peanut cookie for instance if I do not make an effort to hide it away from him!!

Now, we’re leisurely munching the CNY goodies. Here’s what I made.

Cornflake Cookies – I made this the second year in the row and this year I made 5 batches of the crunchy cornflake cookies. These are bite size, so all you need to do is grab a handful and pop them into your mouth like popcorns!!

Cornflake Cookies

Kuih Bangkit – Husband’s favorite cookie and my MIL makes a freaking awesome Kuih Bangkit. I tried 2 different recipes for this white traditional CNY cookie and ended up with only one successful attempt! I successfully made 2 batches of Kuih Bangkit using Lily’s recipe.


Butter Cups – I first tasted this cookie when my brother and his gf, Qi came to visit. They made this delicious butter cookies, filled with strawberry jelly. The recipe is from Qi, and I think she calls it Jam Tart. It was so good, I asked Qi for the recipe and made one batch of this for CNY.


Kuih Lapis – I was introduced to the name “(Indonesian) Layer Cake” by my mom who used to make them when I was younger. She no longer makes this now as this is one labor intensive cake! This cake is a favorite among my friends and I made about 2.5 batch of this. Great breakfast item and because it’s so labor intensive, these cakes are served thinly sliced!


Kuih Rose – My grandma makes excellent light and crunchy kuih rose (which I have to remember to get the recipe from her). The recipe I used this time is not bad either. Quite easy to make as long as you have the special mould! Tried one batch of this which hubby and I finished in one day! It was that good and addictive!


Peanut Cookies – Husband’s favorite cookie! This cookie melts in your mouth and is toasted peanut is ever so fragrant yums! I made 3 batches of this, so that hubby has tons to munch on when he’s watching the telly!! If you hate peanuts, this is definitely not for you!!


Pineapple Rolls – This is one of the favorites among myself, hubby, my brother and his gf. I therefore slaved away, bending my back to roll these babies. I made about 3 batches of the pastry and 1.5 batches of the pineapple jam. I cooked the jam days before, and spent hours rolling and wrapping these pineapple goodness. I can’t feel my back after that and can’t imagine how those aunties do this as a business!!


Mocha Meringues – This was a last minute cookie idea. I was left with tons of egg white and I hate to just throw them down the drain. Meringue was a perfect way to use up those egg whites! I will share the recipe later!


What is Chinese New Year without these delectable sinful goodies that will add inches to your waistline?? Making the CNY treats is an excellent way to embrace the CNY even though we’re miles away from our family in Malaysia.

I surely miss celebrating CNY with my family which is always a big family event that lasts about one week. My family will drive about 6 hours to grandpa’s house where all the other aunts, uncles and cousins will also reunite….all 30 plus of us all under one roof! Can you just imagine how much work is involved in making breakfast, lunch and dinner for 30 plus people! It is indeed a lovely reunion for all!

So, what did you make for CNY? Do you have any favorite recipe to share?

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