Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mogul's Sports Pub @ Killington, VT

Since our friends will not arrive in time for dinner, hubby and I decided to get out of the hotel room and look for a nearby place to dine. We decided to pick Mogul’s Sports Pub because of the reasonably cheap prices and we wanted somewhere casual. Mogul’s Sports Pub is located within 5 mintues drive up the road from our hotel. The restaurant/pub looked like someone’s house is situated on top of a hill, a little further away from the road but you wouldn’t miss the bright yellow sign just by the road.


We were greeted by the host/wait staff and were ushered to the dining area which looked a little boring/run down? The sports pub area looked a little fun with the tvs, game tables and bar settings. Here’s what we ordered:

1) Chili Con Carne @ $5.95 (or was it $6.95) (Bottom Left) – This is a huge bowl of meaty goodness. It came with some bread slices and the chili was topped with cheese. When hubby dug thru the cheese and into the chili, it was all thick ground beef! We’ve never seen a Chili so thick before. I am not a big fan of Chili, that’s why I didn’t bother to try any. The husband commented that it was pretty good! It was definitely very filling too…Just imagine, all those beefy goodness!

2) 1 Lb Ribs @ $11.99 (or was it $9.99) (Bottom Right) – By the time hubby’s entree came, he was already feeling woozy from eating a whole bowl of Chili. Hubby was struggling to finish all the ribs! 3-4 gigantic ribs came with a side of french fries and coleslaw. The smokey ribs were lightly slathered in BBQ sauce and was cooked perfectly, almost falling of the bone.


3) Chicken Pot Pie @ $9.99 (Bottom Left) – I ordered the Chicken Pot Pie. I have a weakness for it and will often order it if I see it on the menu! The chicken pot pie came with a side of house salad. Nothing too special about the salad and sadly nothing to shout about for the Chicken Pot Pie. The only yummy thing about the chicken pot pie was the crust. Everything went down hill after I dug into it the buttery flaky crust. The filling wasn’t as creamy as I liked it and was definitely bland. There were only 3 pieces of chicken meat, the biggest chicken chunk being slightly over 1” cube. Plenty of carrots, if you’re bugs bunny. Some chunks of potato. Just pathetic. Overall, the chicken pot pie was probably the worst I’ve had. It was so bad, I ate all the crust and left most of the filling untouched. KFC’s and Boston Market’s Pot Pies will win hands down, anytime! Heck, I can even make better chicken pot pie filling!!

MogulsPub3 MogulsPub2

Service overall was decent but you’ll surely be able to find parking there!

If you’re looking for a place to hang out with friends after a long day at the slopes, this might be a good location for some beer, ribs (stay away from the pot pie), games and fun. Remember to look out for a big yellow sign to turn into their premises.

2630 Killington Rd
Killington, VT 05751
(802) 422-477

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