Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wally’s American Grill @ Killington, VT

After a tiring day at the ski slopes, we went back to the hotel to chill, wash up and then get some dinner! We thought by going later in the evening, we would have avoided the mad rush of hungry skiers/snowboarders after a long day. We were wrong! SO WRONG!

We wanted to check out a local restaurant which had quite amazing reviews and did not think of making reservations. Upon arriving at the restaurant, we were told the wait was an hour. Since all 8 of us were a little hungry, we decided to walk across the street and check out the restaurants there. That too, had an hour’s wait and the interior was so funky and weird we decided to check out the restaurant next door to it; Wally’s.

Wally’s American Grill was quite empty. And that might not be a good sign. We decided to try it anyway coz we were confident that most places in town will be crowded. Besides, how can you go wrong with American food.

Upon seated, we browsed thru the menu (breakfast menu not available, sadly) and ordered whatever we fancy and beer. The few of us who ordered Blue Moons were fairly disappointed with the quality of the “on tap” beer. It was kinda flat, and tasted weird. But we let it slide and did not complain to the waitress.

Wally Wally1

The portion of the food were overall big. And they tasted pretty good. =) Here’s what hubby and I ordered.

1) Grilled Garden Burger – Chef’s homemade burger pressed between toasted rye bread, Swiss Cheese, Swiss Cheese, Spinach and Cilantro Mayo Spread @ ~$8.50 (Bottom Left). The burger came with a side of delicious french fries and pickle. The burger was pretty good. Light and a good change from the meat versions. There were surely plenty of water chestnut pieces in the burger, plus perhaps some mushrooms, carrots plus some other unidentified vegetables. Fresh spinach leaves were sandwiched in the middle. The one thing missing was the so called cilantro mayo. I can’t taste any. Cilantro has a strong pungent taste that I really like and I don’t think I tasted any on my burger. That was one of the reason I ordered the Garden Burger; the Cilantro Mayo!

2) Roast Beef – Roast Beef slices with green beans and mashed potatoes @ ~$12.99 (Bottom RIght). Hubby ordered this. This may actually cost more than $12.99, I forgot the actual price. A huge plate with 3 quite large pieces of roast beef, still pink in the inside. It came with good mount of mashed potatoes and gravy as well as some slightly over sautéed green beans. Hubby commented that it was good, although he had some trouble finishing his dinner plate!

Wally2 Wally3

Service was overall ok. Nothing too spectacular, and yet not too shabby! The placed filled up a bit after that probably catching the overflows from other restaurants nearby. I do love the interior of the place which has the look of a typical diner flare.

Next time you’re in Killington, check out Wally’s American Grill! They are on the same road that leads to the Killington Ski resort.

2841 Killington Rd
Killington, VT 05751
(802) 422-3177


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