Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tofu Noodle (Tofu Shirataki)

 TofuNoodleWhile hubby and I were shopping for food at H-Mart, we came across many food sample stands. One of them was giving out tofu noodle samples called “Tofu Shirataki”. We’re at first reluctant to try it as it did not look quite appetizing but it sure sounded different that we decided to give it a try.And we got sucked in and got 2 packets of the noodles for $0.99 each packet. I’ve actually seen these noodles being sold at many Asian stores but have never thought to try it.

Tofu noodle is made from tofu (obviously), yam starch and water. It apparently is vegan, low carb, no cholesterol, no sugar and is gluten free. This noodle would be a great pasta/noodle substitute and it comes in 3 different sizes; angel hair, fettuccini and spaghetti (which is what we got).

Each packet of noodle (already cooked) is packed in water and serves 1-2 people (I cooked 2 packets for hubby and I). The noodles when drained somehow looked like cooked ramen noodles. TofuNoodle2I made cooked some soup (with vegetables, dumplings and fish cake) to go with the tofu noodles. All I did was drained the noodles, quickly reheat it in the microwave and pour hot soup over it. And serve it immediately!! The noodles has a little bite to it, not those al-dente kind of bite though. It’s got this springy bite that ordinary noodles or pasta does not have. The noodles itself is quite flavorless, but when eaten with hot soup it’s actually pretty good. The instruction on the back also suggest to stir fry the noodles. Maybe next time, I’ll try a stir fry tofu noodles! TofuNoodle3Look for the tofu noodles at the refrigerated aisle (where they sell noodles or tofu) at your local Asian grocery store. The noodles are not supposed to be frozen, so when you get some..just keep it in your refrigerator!

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