Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 X’mas Celebration…

How was your X’mas this year?? Did Santa get you what you wanted? Were you on Santa’s lil’ nice list this year? I know I was! =)


This year’s X’mas celebration was a small family event. It was just the us plus my brother and his gf. All of our closer friends were celebrating X’mas in a foreign country…HOW FUN!!

Anyways, we did not do a fancy X’mas eve dinner this year. Hubby and I had a X’mas party to go to, so I did not plan for a fancy home cooked meal on the eve. We had store bought rotisserie chicken and take-out Thai food for dinner after we got back from the X’mas party. That night all 4 of us played the new Super Mario game on the Wii and stayed up till 4am on X’mas day. We ended up opening our presents at 2 - 3am in the morning! =) We had so many presents to open and I really felt like a little kid again! Haha! But now, there’re no longer presents under the tree….=(


On X’mas day, I planned out a 4 course meal dinner for the 4 of us. Appetizer, soup, entree and of course a dessert!! Table setting was simple (and my usual) with a red, black and white theme. Candy canes and also lottery tickets were the “party favors”. But no…no one hit the jackpot for the lottery ticket. =(.


I made some Deviled Eggs for appetizer and a cuppa French Onion Soup each for soup. Grilled Chicken with some Mushroom Marsala sauce (Bottom Left) was for entree. I seasoned and roasted some Yukon Gold Potatoes in some salt and olive oil which turned out super yummy to accompany the chicken. There was also some Garlic Butter Sprouts to got with the entree. =) I made so much food, we barely had room for the grand finale; dessert! Spanish Flan (Bottom right) turned out excellent and nobody of course said no to dessert!! =) I will share this wonderful recipe later!


Now……… to plan my next holiday meal….New Year’s Eve Dinner..which will be another low key celebration….with some bubbly champagne perhaps! =)

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