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Fish Bones @ Chelmsford, MA

 FishBonesWhen our friends, Siaw Lay and Alan was in town, we brought them to our favorite seafood restaurant in Chelmsford. Fish Bones offer a selection of fresh and yummy seafood dishes as well as a selection of fresh & raw seafood. Yes, it’s got a little fish market inside! It probably felt weird to some, eating at the fish market….but hey just imagine that’s a whole display of desserts! Haha!

The first time we were there, the place was small, tables were limited and it was quite a wait during dinner time. They have expanded since and offer more seating within the premises. We brought our guests there during lunch on a week day. There weren’t much patrons, hence we were seated immediately. The interior was quite tastefully decorated and the new wing even had a gorgeous (faux?) fireplace.


Here’s what we ordered that day:

1) Seafood Chowder (Bottom Left) @ $3.99/per cup. I ordered this yummy creamy cup of satisfaction which was the soup of the day! I believe the soup was a cream base, filled with chunks of scallops, clams?, fish and shrimp. I would definitely order this the next time I’m there!

2) Clam Chowder (Bottom Right) @ $3.99/per cup. Hubby and Alan ordered this. It was filled with clams and potatoes. I did not like this very much as I think they added a lil’ too much dill (I assume)in the soup. The dill was a bit overpowering.


3) Calamari Basket (Bottom Left) @ $8.99. Point Judith Calamari, deep fried to golden brown served with a side of their spicy Chipotle sauce. This was very good! The calamari were very fresh and lightly coated in the batter, which was fried to a golden perfection. I forgot how the Citpotle sauce tasted, though. Not sure if I even had it. I might have eaten the fried calamari plain.

4) Lobster Roll (Bottom Right) @ $14.99. A toasted roll filled with lobster salad, served with fries and coleslaw. The price was quite decent for a lobster roll plus 2 sides. I’ve seen lobster rolls (no sides, nothing) being priced at $14.99. Alan ordered this dish and commented that it was decent and the lobster meat was chopped a bit too finely. I think he said that wasn’t the best lobster roll he had.


5) Maryland Crab Cake Sandwich (Bottom Left) @ $11.99. Two homemade Maryland style crab cakes served on a freshly made Brioche burger roll with lettuce, tomato, pickles, fries and homemade coleslaw. Siaw Lay ordered this and I forgot what was her comment on it. They surely looked delicious! It was however, one of my first? time seeing a deep fried crab cake. I’ve usually eaten crab cakes, pan fried style only.

6) Luncheon Grill Mix (Bottom Right) @ $10.99. Grilled swordfish tips, tuna tips and two large shrimp served over a bed of rice pilaf with grilled assorted vegetables. Hubby ordere this and he loved it! He cleaned the plate so fast!!!

 FishBones8 FishBones9

7) Sesame Steak Tuna Sandwich (Bottom) @ $9.99. Grilled Sushi Grade #1 yellow fin tuna, marinated in sesame oil and coated in sesame seeds and grilled to temperature, served on a freshly baked brioche burger roll with seaweed salad, lettuce, tomato, pickles, homemade coleslaw and fries. This was mine, mine, MINE!! I ordered the tuna cooked rare, but it came to me almost like medium rare. I was surely disappointed as I prefer my tuna just lightly seared on the outside and very very rare in the inside. The tuna however was surprisingly still very moist and flavorful in the inside  and I still enjoyed it despite the tuna being “overcooked” to me. When the waitress came around and asked how was everyone’s food, I told her about mine. She was nice to apologize and mentioned she could bring us a dessert on the house (which was a nice gesture). She also said to order the tuna steak sandwich, sushi style so that it will be cooked rare to my preference. Tips, noted!


We unfortunately did not have any room left in our tummy…….So, we actually had to pass on the free dessert!! Haha! Service and food were all good!!! And that was why it’s one of our favorite seafood places!

If you’re in town, or if you’re willing to drive to Chelmsford….give Fish Bones a try! Lunch would probably be less busy and you most likely need not wait. There are plenty of parking behind the premises…you would have to drive slower as you approach the address as you might miss the entrance into the parking lots. During the summer, Fish Bones also offer some outdoor seating for those who want to get a bit of sunshine. And if you want to see the chefs busy in action, there are also some bar seats overlooking the kitchen!

Check out Fish Bone’s restaurant HERE and their Fish Market HERE.

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