Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Favorite Photo Of The Day!!

Look whose picture made it to Photo of The Day with 121 votes??????

Flan2MINE!!! MINE!! MINE!!


It’s probably no big deal to some of you, but it surely is one heck of a deal to me! I did not even know there’s a voting going on until I went to the site to look for recipes for my NYE dinner. Apparently once you submitted a photo, other readers/viewers will have a chance to vote on their favorite photo. The top 4 most “liked”/ voted pictures will be featured on homepage the following day! Thanks to all who voted!

I think the picture will only be there till 11.59pm tonight….Boo! I wished I saw it earlier!!

Well, I’m surely thrilled my picture was featured on the website even though I was clueless about it as I was new to this food recipe website! What a wonderful way to end 2009!

PS: Thanks, hubby for getting me the dslr for X’mas! =)

1 comment:

Adeline said...

hey congrats!!!! it's beautiful! I went to the website and search for it! :) It's still there!! I saw your other picture too... the mouth watering stuffed mushrooms!
great job!!! I love it!!! congrats again!!!

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