Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Woo Jung Restaurant @ Ayer, MA.


If you’re unfamiliar to the town and drive by this restaurant, I bet you won’t think twice to stop to eat here! The sign is all rusty, the restaurant looks tiny, old (and abandoned?)…what good food could they be serving up there? I know hubby and I won’t stop there if we haven’t done our research!

We were looking for some good Korean restaurant to bring the in-laws to….And after some Googling about, hubby found a Korean restaurant out of no where in Ayer, MA. We weren’t quite sure if this place is any good (especially when it’s located in the middle of no-where-land?), so looked for reviews and were really surprised. And so…we decided to drive there and find this little “jewel” in Ayer, MA. We found 2 other Korean stores (one grocery and one furniture) along the same street. I guess there must be decent Korean population here!

The staff was quite friendly and food came out quite quickly. Patrons there were mostly Korean, so I guess this place must be GOOD!!

Here’s what we ordered…… I forgot to take a menu with me, so I don’t really know the prices. =( let me try to describe each dish as I remember them.

1) Chap Jae (Left) @ $10- $12. Stir fried Korean starch noodles with zucchini, onion, pork. This dish was really good. It was a little different than the ones we had in other Korean restaurant as it was not very oily and they use pork strips, instead of beef. The stir fry noodle was also lighter in color in comparison with my previous experience eating Chap Jae. Overall, it was definitely yummy..worth the price you pay for the big portion and the loads of meat & vegetable laden stir fry noodle!

2) Pa Jun (Right) @ $10-$11. Korean scallion pancake. The price was a bit high for a scallion pancake. I usually pay about the same for a seafood and scallion pancake. Nevertheless, when the dish came… I soon forget the price of this pancake. It was YUMMY! This was one of the best Pa Jun’s I’ve had. It’s very crispy on the outside and moist in the inside. The pancakes are all cut up nicely, so no need to fight here! Will definitely be back for these!


3) Kalbi (left) @ $18-19. Marinated and grilled Korean (Beef) short ribs. Price were a little high, but portions were big and good too. This dish was nicely marinated and the short ribs were quite thick (compared to other places). I prefer to grill my own Kalbi, that way I can make it as charred as I like.. hehe! It came with either whtie rice or fried rice. Not sure if there’s additional charge for either rice though.

4) Bulgogi (right) $15???. Marinated and grilled beef. I seriously have no idea how much this cost. Again, I prefer to grill my own meat to get it as charred as I like. Like the Kalbi, it came with white rice or fried rice. This was ok, I guess. Nothing to shout about…maybe coz I’m not a Bulgogi fan.


5) Cha Chang Myun (left) @ $10-$11. Minced pork in black bean sauce over noodles. This was a large bowl of black noodle goodness! I suggest that you order this to share with a partner. The “black” noodle gets a little overwhelming after a while…..It was still delicious nevertheless. =)

6) 6 Assorted side dishes (right)…….. This of course like any Korean restaurant came complimentary. The bean sprout and the cucumber pickle were my favorites. These side dishes were also refillable (free) per request! =)


What are you waiting for? Grab your GPS and make your drive to Woo Jun Restaurant:

174 W Main St
Ayer, MA 01432-1215

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