Monday, September 21, 2009

Thai Sweet Basil Restaurant @ Andover, MA


Thai Sweet Basil is one of the best tasting Thai restaurant I’ve been to. We recently brought the in-laws there and they loved it so much; we went back there TWICE! Both times, we went for weekend lunch. This place is usually very busy during weekday lunch and does ok over the weekend. The service is overall ok, nothing to shout about but the food is mostly yummy!

Here’s what we ordered:

1) Hot & Sour (Tomyam) Shrimp Soup (left) @ $2.95. Shrimp in a hot and sour broth seasoned with exotic Thai herbs, mushrooms, lemongrass and lime juice. You get 2 large shrimp and slices of mushroom with this hot and sour soup. I wished they added more cilantro (I love cilantro) in my soup and I do prefer to have the mushrooms cooked thoroughly. With that said and even though the soup did not look as appetizing, it was still good! =)

2) Wonton Soup (right) @ $2.95. Wrapped minced chicken with vegetables in clear broth. You get 3-4 chicken wontons in the soup. I forgot to ask my FIL how the soup was, but I guess it should be quite decent as he finished it! =)


3) Golden Bags @ $5.95. Tofu skins stuffed with ground shrimp, water chestnuts, black mushrooms and spices. Gathered at the neck with a scallion, deep fried and served with a plum sauce. You get 4 “golden bags” with this order. I thought the golden bags weren’t wrapped as nicely as the ones we had in Lanna Thai Restaurant.  I taste mostly minced meat (chicken?) which was disappointing. The description on the menu sounded better than the actual taste of the “bags”.ThaiSweetBasil34) Roasted Duck Mango Curry (left) @ $8.00. Yellow madras curry and coconut milk with mango, green peas, onions, snow peas and peppers. I’m glad this came with a side of white rice (FREE!). Hubby ordered this, and it was yummy. The Mango and roasted duck (very moist) surely went well with the curry! I will so order this next time!

5) Duck Choo Chee (right) @ $7.50. Boneless roasted duck chunks are sautéed in red curry with mushrooms, baby corn, pineapple, onion, broccoli, zucchini, yellow squash, carrots, and peppers. This was mine and I loved it too. Again, appreciate that white rice came with the curry for FREE! Duck was moist, and curry was yummilicious. I thought my curry was like a milder version of hubby’s though. I swear they taste almost the same! =P.

ThaiSweetBasil6 ThaiSweetBasil7

6) Mango Fried Rice (left) @ $7.25. Fried rice with chicken, shrimp, egg, green beans, carrot, onion and mango. Just one word….YUMMILICIOUS!!  I managed to try a spoonful, and FIL cleaned the rest!

7) Crazy Noodles (right) @ $6.95. Soft wide rice noodles fried with chicken, shrimp, onion, basil, chili pepper, eggs and broccoli. The in-laws loved this dish the first time they tried it, we went back so that they could have another round of crazy noodles! Unfortunately, the noodles weren’t good this time. They added way too much oyster sauce in the noodle this time, hence a salty plate of crazy noodles. MIL was surely disappointed the dish she was so looking forward to turn out to be almost inedible.

ThaiSweetBasil8 ThaiSweetBasil9

8) Thai Iced Coffee @ $2.50. Don’t forget to try a glass of cold Thai coffee goodness!! This is something I will order in a Thai restaurant. It’s nothing like your Dunkin/Starbucks coffee, trust me!!


This restaurant does not have a website… So, here’s the contact information for Thai Sweet Basil : 

209 N. Main St
Andover, MA 01810
(978) 470-8098

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