Friday, September 25, 2009

Profiteroles (With Whipped Cream)

I made profiteroles again, this time for the little “Europe Pre-Trip Meeting” we’re organizing at our place. It’s so make sure everyone is clear what’s going on, where and when. We also made our advance booking to the Vatican Museum! Yay! **Jumps With Excitement!**Profiteroles11I made the profiteroles based on the recipe I had earlier shared HERE. Now, I have to go back and edit the recipe. The puffs worked out fine like the previous time, but the cream recipe yielded way to much cream! I’m gonna cut the recipe into half (it’s still more than enough) and edit that post.

Profiteroles12 Profiteroles13

This time, I decided to heat up some bittersweet chocolate, and drizzle over the top of those profiteroles. Again, don’t these look spectacular and give your friends the impression that you were slaving away in the kitchen to make some yummy desserts?

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