Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rolls & Rolls of Pineapple Rolls!

Another busy baking day for me........this time it's my long awaited Pineapple Rolls (Yay! Another item to take off from my "To Bake List")......My faithful oven has been very busy helping me churn out these golden goodness filled with pineapple jam! Did I ever mention that I LOVE Pineapple Rolls/Tarts? Not only that.....Cooked or Raw....I love anything Pineapple!
And I realized I got carried away when I have this many pineapple rolls in different containers and errrrrrrr about 50% left of my pineapple jam! I think I got a little too excited when I was cooking the jam, and cooked way too much!! Well, I guess I can always make more Pineapple Rolls or find creative ways to use it up!

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