Thursday, January 8, 2009

Don't Cha

........just love when they know what love you to eat and get them for you? Thanks to my parents and hubby who got me all these yummy Malaysian snacks! My husband just got back from Malaysia recently and came back with almost 2 luggages of food. The food and some CNY deco stuff he brought back consumed about 1-1/2 of his luggage allowance!! This picture only shows part of the food he brought home. The other half was in a delayed luggage which finally arrived at 12.30 am this morning!.....Siaoness....we waited for 56+ hours for the delayed luggage to be delivered to the rightful owner, US (Well, the husband actually)!
Dear Husband, I LOVE YOU....not just because you brought me all these yummy stuff but for all the other things that you do for me! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!..XOXO

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