Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pre-CNY Ramblings

Yay! I've finally completed my CNY baking list and boy, I have to admit I'm a little worn out after baking triple, quadruple (or even more) batches of each cookies! If you forgot what was my "CNY To Bake List", let me just share it again:
  1. Pineapple Rolls
  2. Peanut Cookies
  3. Dragon Cookies
  4. Cornflake Cookies
  5. Fruit Cake

On top of those, I actually made some Super Mini Spring Rolls Filled With Meat Floss; a snack I will elaborate more on what that is, later! The reason why I made all these cookies/snack/cake is to usher the Chinese New Year and also to create a more festive CNY feeling especially for my dear brother who is studying in Buffalo. I will be sending him all the goodies tomorrow hopefully in time for CNY.....I recall years ago when I was a student, it felt very depressing being away from my family especially during Chinese New Year....... So, I hope by sending my brother some CNY goodies, it will enable him to have his own little CNY celebration with his friends..... and not miss home that much??

Even though I've made everything on my "To Bake List", I need to make more Pineapple Rolls...... as between giving some away and munching it for breakfast and snack........ I'm running out of Pineapple Rolls. And since, I have tons to Pineapple Jam left, no reason not to make MORE!!!!!!!!

Anyway, my husband and I are thinking to organize a CNY party this weekend...so I have menu to plan and guest list to make...=)..... I wonder if I could replicate "Yee Sang"..... got to go Google for recipes!! Maybe I can just prepare Salad and with Salmon Sashimi...haha!!

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