Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How Would You Like A Hamburger Cake?


For Rob’s (belated) birthday celebration, I decided to craft him a hamburger cake. He loves his steak/meat..and I deemed doing a “Steak” cake a little blah. Hamburger Cake would be a little more interesting and colorful! =) I googled for ideas and samples and decided to go with a fondant covered cake instead of the butter cream kind.

For this cake, I purposely baked a Vanilla Cake to be used for the hamburger buns and Chocolate cake for the juicy beefy meat patty part. It surprisingly did not take me too long to create the whole cake. I thought the coloring of the fondant was perhaps the toughest part to do. I needed to knead the fondant to make sure the colors are well mixed and getting the right hue (that was the hardest)for what I’m using the fondant for.


I am happy to say the birthday boy loves the cake, so did my friends! Well, who wouldn’t want a hamburger cake, right? The only downside, I thought the cake itself was a little dry. =(. I enjoyed making this cake and was glad it turned out as planned. I told hubby if the cake did not turn out as planned, we’re heading over to the bakery and getting a store bought one!

How would you like a meat free Hamburger???? =)



bobo said...


Mr. P said...

I love it. My god. I LOVE it!

How cool you are, being able to make that. :)

Anonymous said...

This looks great!

Ciao Chow Linda said...


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