Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Day in NYC

We smartly chose one of the coldest and windiest day of the week to go NYC for a day eating trip. It was probably thanks to my brilliant idea, since I was the one who suggested which day to go down, taking in consideration holiday travel days and arranging a dog sitter for Mr. Brady…Tuesday was the only day left to go down to NYC that week. We started driving at about 7–ish in the morning and arrived at about 11 or so. Surprisingly there weren’t any traffic at all! That day turned out to be so awfully windy. Gloves and hats are very much needed. Cheeks hurt, face numb! We took refuge in stores to window shop keep warm from the frigid weather.

Here’re some random pictures I captured around NYC……It was 2 days before New Year’s Eve. Most of these pictures were taken around Time Square area.


We also saw Mr. Rex and Superman…………..in Toys “R” Us @ Time Square. I think this Toys “R” Us might be the largest toy store in the world. It is huge. TRUST ME!


While looking for refuge and a map…we stumbled upon this Wall of Hopes and Dreams at the Tourist Information Center @ Time Square. Messages were written on pieces of paper which would be released as confetti at the stroke of mid night on 2010. The countdown crowd would be able to pick up one of those confetti and read what was written on it. What a neat idea!! And if you can’t find the Naked Cowboy, just get his souvenirs from the same Tourist Information Center @ Time Square.


The Time Square Countdown Ball (Bottom Left) was being displayed at the Tourist Information Center. It was nice to be able to see the ball from up-close. And being in NYC, a stop in Chinatown is sort of customary! Here’s a shot (Bottom Right) of the subway sign in Chinatown.


It was just too freaking cold to walk around...Neither of were in the mood to walk anymore. It was just too painful to brave the wind chill! After we satisfied our palate and did some food shopping, we jumped into the car and drove back to Boston! The truth is I didn’t drive, my bro and QI were the drivers for the whole trip. I sat behind browsing magazines and dozing off… What are big sisters for, right?? Haha! But hey, I did bribe pay for most of the food! Thanks for driving, guys!!

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