Friday, January 22, 2010

Delimas Curry Laksa (Curry Mee)


I forgot if I bought this packet of Delimas Curry Laksa paste from an online merchant or from a retail store in Flushing, NY. I appreciate the availability of such product overseas and definitely welcome the convenience of being able to prepare a Malaysian dish quickly at home. It surely saves precious time from searching for a reliable recipe to scouting all the exotic ingredients needed to prepare the the dish and in this case the fragrant curry broth.

Curry Laksa or more commonly known as Curry Mee to the folks in Penang, Malaysia is a spicy noodle soup where yellow noodles and/or thin vermicelli rice noodles are used. The soup is a watery yet fragrant coconut curry broth. You will find shrimp, chicken, dried tofu, cockles, coagulated pig’s blood and mint leaves in a bowl of Curry Mee.

Hubby is quite a fan of Curry Mee, while I almost never really had one. The sigh of blanched cockles and coagulated pig’s blood just steer me away from ordering one. I guess I could always ask the cook not to put those in my bowl of Curry Mee!

Anyway, preparing the Curry Mee broth from the Delimas Curry Laksa paste was easy. Just add a can of coconut milk, let it boil for a few minutes and you get the broth! And then, all I needed to do was to poach some chicken meat, boil some eggs, blanched some bean sprouts, boil and peel some shrimp and cut up some dried tofu.

Dinner was ready in 30 minutes or less. The instruction on the back of the package says it serves 6 people. I think it only serves about 4. I thought it was good….but it’s really hard for me to judge this as I almost never really had it before. Hubby thought something might be missing but said it was pretty good overall. Hubby actually loved it so much, he couldn’t get enough of it and had 2 helpings! We were both very much satiated! Hubby even brought it to work for lunch. This was the first as he usually doesn’t like to bring soupy stuff to work. =) I guess that proves that the noodle soup gained his approval! =) 

CurryMee1 Next time, I would need to have a bowl of Curry Mee when I go back home or try one at the Malaysian Restaurant in town. This would give me a better chance to judge the instant paste and see how good it is. =)

I got the instant paste for about $3 I think. I was not able to find this brand online but feel free to check out another brand; Tean’s  Curry Mee.

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