Friday, December 26, 2008

X'mas Eve Dinner

On the eve of X'mas, I woke up early to make a final run to the grocery store to grab some stuff for my mini X'mas eve dinner with my brother and his friends. They were to drive in from Buffalo and arrive in the evening just in time for dinner....... I decorated my plain dining table, spruce it up a little to give it a x'massy feel...
The menu for the night was cream of mushroom, mushroom tart (picture shown below), meatball spaghetti and bread pudding (which nobody ate coz we were too stuffed!)...

Besides preparing for the X'mas eve dinner, I was also busy making (my famous =P) Tiramisu to bring over to my friends X'mas party the next day. Here's the end result of my Tiramisu....I've decided to decorate it a little differently, then what I would usually was well worth the extra work and I received great feedbacks of the cake from the party! Now, would you like to order one of this from me? =P

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