Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Ideas

Last Halloween, we were invited to a friend's super awesome Halloween Party. It's the only time of the year we get to play dress up and not look silly! It was unfortunate that we had a freak snowstorm that very night that caused power outages for many residential areas in MA, and we were one of them. Anyway, since we were already prepared for the party, we braved the storm (this wasn't our smartest move) drove ever to slowly and carefully to our friend's place. Branches and power lines were down in some parts of town; it was surely spooky. We didn't stay too long as the snow was coming down heavier, so we practically dropped off the food, hung around for a couple minutes and sneaked out to make the hellish drive back home.

This was what I made for the party. Ideas are not mine; it's all thanks to the world of googling. For appetizers, I made "Spider Eggs". It's basically your regular deviled eggs, topped with cut up black olives.

And for dessert, I made "Witches Fingers". Thanks to chocolate mold I got from Michael's, some Wilton candy melts and pretzel sticks. I think these witches fingers looked creepy. =)

What are your plans for this Halloween? 

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