Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Anacapa Island

Being in California, we're blessed with beautiful sceneries and attractions not too far from us. There's always something to do, somewhere. With the inlaws in town, the husband decided to visit Anacapa Island. Thankfully, the harbor for us to take the ferry is just less than an hour from us. There's only one way to get to the island; via ferry which is only operated by Island Packers. They are the only licensed ferry operator (as well as some other water sports) for the Channel Islands. Ticket cost us $56 for round trip to and from the Island. Senior citizens get a little bit of discounts. There's only one pick up time for both to and from the island; so you have to be punctual or you'll miss the boat!

The boat ride departed from the Oxnard harbor at around 9.30am and it took a little over an hour to get to Anacapa Island. To prepare ourselves from getting motion sickness, we took some ginger pills (a more natural alternative) and had some delicious chewy ginger candy. We had a pretty heavy marine layer that morning, and apparently that's a good thing, as it kept the waves down, hence a smooth boat ride. Yay! We kept our eyes wide open hoping to spot some dolphins or whales, but did not manage to see any on our way to the island. As a consolation, we were rewarded by the view of the beautiful ocean and as we approach the island; views of the beautiful island.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the park ranger and a volunteer and were given some introduction about the island including what not to do. To help keep the island in pristine condition, visitors must bring out whatever trash they brought in. No pets allowed as well. This is pretty much a back to basics island where there're minimal pit toilets (no flush toilets) and no water available. So, you must bring enough drinking water for your own. If you're camping, you have to bring everything in and out of the island. No campfires allowed, so forget about brining fire wood. As you can swim/snorkel/kayak around the island, bringing those water sport equipments would be a fun way to explore the island.

The island itself is bare... you don't have much shade to hide from the scorching heat. The view from the tiny island is spectacular! The walk is quite easy.... especially for someone like me...who don't like extreme hikes.

Every part of the island offers different views. As we brought our own food to the island, we sat at benches provided to enjoy a bite and take in the beautiful scenery. There're plenty of sea lions around the island, just keep your ears open and it you hear "barks" nearby, chances are there are sea lions at the bottom of the cliffs. If you do want to look down, BE CAREFUL!! These cliffs are very dangerous and can crumble anytime. The cliffs are high so a fall can be deadly!! 

The view from Inspiration Point; inspiring indeed! So breathtaking!

Views of the lighthouse on Anacapa Island.

We are pretty much done with the island at about 1.30pm as it was getting too hot. We gathered near the information centre where's there's some shade and waited for time to head to the dock. I secretly wished they come and pick us up sooner. At 3pm, we gathered at the dock to take the only boat back to Oxnard. During the boat ride back, the captain brought us around the Arch Rock and also got us a closer views of the sea lions. We were also praying real hard to be able to catch a glimpse of dolphins and whales but after more than an hour of "eye-straining" we were left a little disappointed again. Catching a glimpse of these mammals would have made the boat ride so worth it!! It was still overall a good trip away from civilization and to be able to enjoy mother nature.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan a day trip to Anacapa Island. Don't forget to pack some lunch and plenty of water to hydrate! And take your trash home with you!

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