Friday, June 4, 2010

Revisited: Rostip Thai Restaurant @ Dracut, MA

Remember in my previous post, I was boasting about the yummy Thai food @ Rostip? Well, we went back there again probably about a week or so after I wrote about it. This time, we ordered lunch take out to see how the portions were.

Food was again very affordable and the portion was quite good for lunch (especially for the price we paid); with 3 entrees costing us about $21. Here’s what we ordered:

1) Pad Kee Mao (Drunken Noodle) – Wide flat noodles stir fried with carrots, string beans, bell peppers, basil leaves, broccoli and chicken in a hot chili basil sauce @ $5.95 (Bottom). The portions was surely huge for a $6 noodle entree. While it might be slightly on the greasy side, I love it. The husband said they might have use a little too much of oyster sauce; it tasted a little salty to him. Rostip7 2) Panang Curry (Shrimp) – A thick red spicy curry with coconut milk, green peas, bell peppers, basil leaves and finished with a touched of shredded lime leaves. Garnished with steam vegetables  @ $6.50 (Bottom Left). The lunch entree came in a nice container with 2 compartments, one for rice and another for curry. This curry was a little sweeter than the green curry we ordered, but still yummilicious!

3) Green Curry (Duck) – Green  chili curry with coconut milk, string beans, bamboo, peas, basil leaves and bell peppers @ $6.95 (Bottom Right). This was the second time that we’ve ordered this dish and still loving it!! This was recommended by the friend who introduced us to Rostip. The curry was so aromatic and flavorful, the duck (fried or roasted) was just perfect.

Rostip8 Rostip9

Rostip is certainly high in our list when we are craving for Thai food. We’ve recently tried another Thai place nearer to our place and totally did not like it. I will blog about the misadventure of that one day where Rostip and 2 other Thai places were closed! And we just had to get Thai food after building up steam talking about Rostip Duck Green Curry!!!


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