Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rostip Thai Restaurant @ Dracut, MA

Review of this place should come sooner. We fell in love with this place and have gone back about twice in less than 2 weeks. A friend of work mentioned Rostip to us some time last year but never quite gave us the name or exact address of the place until a few weeks back. When we finally have the name and address, it took us 2 tries to actually try out the place. The first time we were there, they weren’t open. We finally went there during one lazy weeknight and decided to dine in.


The place is small, but decently decorated. There were more take outs then dine in customers; we were the only dine in patrons that night. Here’s what we ordered:

1) Shrimp Tom Yum Soup (Bottom Left)– Famous Thai hot and sour soup seasoned with exotic Thai herbs, lemongrass, lime juice,  mushrooms, cilantro and scallions @ $3.25. This came with 3 large succulent shrimp. The soup wasn’t the best I’ve had, it’s just average. It could use more lime or tamarind juice and definitely more cilantro. I do however like that they cooked the mushrooms thoroughly instead of serving the mushrooms almost raw like many Thai restaurants do.

2) Crab Rangoon (Bottom Right) – 8 Wontons stuffed with cream cheese and shredded crabmeat, fried until golden brown and served with pineapple sauce @ $4.75. When the order came only 6 pieces was brought to us. While I really liked the filling, they could fill up more. Not sure about the presence of crabmeat either. I was glad we did not pay for the dish when the check came. The nice wait staff told us the crab rangoons were on the house! Yay!

 Rostip1 Rostip3

3) Pad Thai (Bottom Left) – The most famous Thai rice noodle stir fried with shrimp, chicken, egg, bean sprouts, minced turnips, scallions and crushed peanuts @ $7.95. This was pretty good and for $7.95, it was bang for the buck!

4) Red Duck Curry (Bottom Right) – Red chili curry with coconut milk, bamboo shoots, string beans, peas, basil leaves and bell peppers with roasted duck @ $12.95. We LOVE this dish and I really appreciate that the curry comes with a serving of white rice at no extra charge. Substitution/extra order would be charged accordingly of course! The curry was rich, thick and so aromatic. The roasted duck meat (boneless) were sautéed with the curry and vegetables were aplenty! This was just perfect! And yes, portion was humongous too!

Rostip4 Rostip5 

5) Thai Ice Coffee @ $1.50. This was the most inexpensive glass of Thai Ice Coffee I’ve ever had. Huge glass for less than $2 is my cuppa “coffee”! If you’ve never had Thai Iced Coffee, you gotta try it! And it was cute our straw was decorated in a rose origami. =).


There was so much food that we even doggy bagged the Pad Thai and the curry home, and ate it for another dinner! =). Great prices, delicious Thai cuisine, friendly service…it wasn’t a surprise we decided to go back there again.

It was take out this time and we ordered the Chicken Mango Curry (Not Pictured) – Chicken sautéed with sliced mango, carrots, snow peas, bell peppers, onions and string beans in House special yellow curry and coconut milk @ $7.95 and Green Duck Curry (Not Pictured) – Roasted Duck sautéed with green chili curry with coconut milk, bamboo, string beans, peas, basil leaves and bell peppers @ $12.95. We prefer the Green Duck Curry better than the Mango Curry. Maybe it’s because we’re a big fan of roasted duck. =) We were given some Thai rolls (Spring Rolls), FREE! The vegetarian spring rolls here delicious and the fact that they were again on the house made me a happy customer! We again had so much curry that we ate for lunch the next day. All I had to do was cook more rice!

What are you waiting for? Head over to Rostip’s for some delicious Thai food, excellent service and bang for your buck! I recommend the Red and/or Green Duck Curry!

Let me know if they throw in some freebie with your meal. I’ve never had a restaurant being so generous during my first 2 visits…I hope they keep serving me some free food the next time we’re there! Writing about the duck curry is making be salivate….maybe I can convince the husband to go this weekend!

7 Broadway Road
Dracut, MA 01826
(978) 275-9902


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Cin Twin2 said...

Pad Thai is one of my FAVORITE dishes! I keep forgetting to try coffee drinks when I go to restaurants....Thanks for the motivation!

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