Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Midnight Ramblings

As planned, we hit the ski slopes today and I skied for the first time this season. I don't think it was a great day to ski/snowboard as there were gusty winds and not enough fresh snow! The terrain conditions were pretty icy at most parts and it made it very hard to ski and painful to fall on! Oh well, I am looking forward to more ski trips in the future......I'm pretty sure there will be a couple more before the season ends....after all I do have my ski equipment so that will save me a bunch on rentals!

On another note, I found out who my Santa Claus was.......The Santa Claus who sent me the wonderful stemless Lenox wine glasses.....Well, a big THANK YOU to (in this case) "Santa Mommy & Santa Daddy".....You know who you are! "Santa Mommy" used to be my colleague at my old work place in Chicago and I actually pretty frequently call her "Mommy" at the office too...=).. and whine a lot to her like what daughters/girls do!! =)..... It was such a coincidence (I guess great minds think alike!) as I received this wine glass set and it was something that I was looking for; stemless wine glass in assorted colors ("Mommy" didn't even know about my secret wish list!)...............Well, I guess Santa must have dropped "Mommy" a little hint! Haha!! And for her present from me, it was a set of wine opener plus coasters! What are the odds of getting and giving wine related stuff the same X'mas!

Anyhoo.... it's New Year's eve you have any plans? As for me, I'm probably going to stay indoor.....there will be a snow storm in MA tomorrow, and we are expected to get about 5-8 inches of snow I think.........and at night it's gonna be super cold, don't forget super slushy too from the falling snow! It's going to be aweful counting down outdoors in this wintery weather, plus I'm not that happening!! I've planned out a mini NY eve celebration dinner with my brother, his friends, and maybe 3 other friends of mine.......A fondue party is being planned, with wine and some champagne to usher in the New Year.......I'll try to take pictures of the little low profile party and post them here!

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