Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Love Gingerbread Man...........

As long as I could remember....I've always been very fond of Gingerbread Man......Whenever our family go to this bakery in town, I would make sure I go home with a Gingerbread Man.......I love the "spicyness" in the cookies, and I think the shape is just too cool and fun to eat!..

Well, to get my fix of gingerbreadman this X'mas, I made some of my own cute gingerbread men... a couple of batches..and must confess that I have a little too many gingerbread men in my house now.........Well, again...that means I have plenty to share and plenty for myself to munch!!

Here's a picture of "my naked men".. =)

Here's a picture of my men "dressed-up":

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