Sunday, January 30, 2011


Yesterday while we discovered downtown Newburyport, MA, I stumbled upon Grand Trunk Imports selling specialty imported food and wine.. YUMS! We spent some time there and ended picking up a few yummy items to stock my always full pantry.
Among my “loot” where these 2 salt; Hickory Smoked Salt and Red Clay Salt. They weren’t cheap since a container of the specialty salt cost about twice the price of a big container of plain ol’ table salt. However, I can’t help getting some to try. I love trying out various food, and when it’s a couple dollars..I usually would not hesitate to purchase it.
So guys…..I need some help and ideas to use these 2 salts, maximizing its flavors………..  Recipes..Ideas..please? Some help guys?

Simply June 


J said...

Yummmm. Just try them on everything!!!

Cin Twin2 said...

I would cook something bland like broccoli and then sprinkle the salt on top of it so you can taste the real flavor. I also think that salt and chocolate go well together, but not sure how you could use it that way?

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