Monday, April 19, 2010

Pitango Gelato (Fells Point) @ Baltimore, MD


When we were looking for our hotel (Admiral Fell’s Inn) and a place to park, we drove by this Gelato place and I just knew where I would be getting my dessert / ice cream fix there that day! Being pampered with so many yummy gelati in Italy (this reminds me that I’ve yet to post my gastronomic indulgence in Rome), I was excited to see this place.

So, after out seafood dinner at Shuckers, we got ourselves some gelato. Not before we walked back to the hotel for our sweater. =) Pitango Gelato is just a few steps away from our hotel. How strategic! There was a line at the store and while waiting in line, we were occupied with looking at the flavors and description hung on the wall. I forgot how many flavors were there; 16? 24? different flavors of gelato and sorbet.

Unlike many other gelato places, all their gelato were hidden in covered  and lowered bins behind the counter. No bright rows of yummy gelato can be seen here!


I picked cardamom and mojito. The husband picked cafe espresso and green tea. Both small @ $4.85 per cup. Large was at $6.50. The highlight of Pitango’s Gelato was that they use all-organic local dairy products, eggs, sugar and chocolate. They also use fresh local seasonal fruits, depending on availability.

While I could taste the “mintyness” of my mojito sorbet, it was lacking something…perhaps rum (since it was rum-free). The cardamom gelato has a nice subtle aromatic flavor. Not creamy to my preference and the flavors could be a little more intense. We agreed that hubby’s cafe espresso was the best choice. A taste of it will just wake you up. The green tea gelato however was lost under the strong flavors of the espresso. Overall, it’s not bad although the texture unfortunately weren’t as creamy or smooth as I liked it to be. Beggars can’t be choosers. I will go back there again…but if you fly me to Rome, I’ll go in a heart beat!


Want a frozen treat? Head to Pitango Gelato @ Fells Point:

802 South Broadway
Baltimore, MD 21231
(410) 702-5828


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Cin Twin2 said...

Oh my! Those flavors are so unique! Both sound yummy!

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