Wednesday, July 18, 2012

TLC, DIY and the Patio!

Welcome to my home!.. in this case, my patio! =)

The husband and I do enjoy DIY. Well, I should admit that the husband probably enjoys it a little more than I do. However, we both think the results from your own DIY is absolutely rewarding. You get to learn the process, save some money, control the scenario and be somewhat proud of your achievement after putting 101% of your efforts and time into the project!

We were somewhat lucky to find a place very quickly in the Thousand Oaks area and being only semi-handy we didn't want to get too much of a fixer upper and obviously have a stick within our budget.
Our new home already had some upgrades done and it just needed some TLC to make it ours. Changing out some light fixtures, putting fresh coat of paint in most of the rooms and changing out old dingy carpet upstairs for some nice updated flooring were the few projects we knew we had to do first.

Changing out the flooring was a huge project and as much as we like to learn how to do it, we hired someone professional to do that. There's too much living space at risk to DIY! =) So we stuck to changing out light, painting and some interior decorating (which just translates to shopping!!)

I hated the old patio lights, and wanted something that had a little more personality and fit our design of the patio! The husband nicely changed them out for me! =)

After house hunting and visiting over 20 properties both of us fell in love with this one. I think the fenced in nice size patio (we didn't want a big yard) sealed the deal! It was bricked and it had some space for greeneries; enough for us to try to grow a green thumb and chill out comfortably. We saw the potential and was fairly quick to customize that space to make it ours. This was the first space in the house that we furnished, even before our household shipment from MA arrived! Here's the before and after....(yes Brady came along to the west coast too!)

I had Moroccan theme in mind, and wanted lots of bright bold colors. Lots of accent pillows and outdoor lanterns. I think I came pretty close to what I had planned. The nights here surprisingly can get pretty chilly, so I think we will need to get a chiminea or a fire pit...something cute that will fit in with with the rest of the furniture! I am still looking for some pieces here and there, but until then we are absolutely loving this part of the house!

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